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Brand: PwC
Agency: Opinium
Country: UK


With a change in prime minister, a Spending Review and the outcome of Brexit still uncertain, 2019 represents an inflection point in deciding what kind of society Britain should be and what our priorities should be for the foreseeable future.

PwC's "Future of Government" project is about harnessing the potential of this moment, developing the framework that will help government to build stronger communities, rethink public services and secure a future for the UK which is based on fairness and regional balance.

Within the broader subject of a fairer society, the project focuses on three pillars and government's role in each one:

  1. Intelligent digital – how digital technology can transform how public services are delivered, whether citizens are willing to trade their data for better services and whether this can be used to reduce unfair outcomes
  2. The future workforce – how automation and other changes will affect how we work and what government's role is in stewarding this change and mitigating its effects on workers
  3. Voice and place – how can government brings opportunities to all parts of Britain, address regional imbalances and ensure that people feel involved in decisions that affect their local area