PizzaExpress has been delighting customers with its iconic range since 1965, adapting and growing to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. The recent challenge, however, was continued growth against a backdrop of sector-wide pressures in an increasingly competitive market. In order to optimise a key touchstone in the customer journey, PizzaExpress collaborated with Linney to research and re-engineer its menus with a customer focus.

The goals were:

  • To improve the experience for customers so that it's easier to navigate the menu.
  • To encourage sales of customer favourites.

Our process:

  1. Review the current menu design using eye-tracking and in-depth interviews.
  2. Create hypotheses and design five menu alternatives that could solve the issues identified.
  3. Test all menus in an online quantitative platform to predict sales, and repeat eye-tracking and in-depth interviews from stage 1 with new customers.
  4. Assess the metrics and performance of the new menus against the original control and suggest a final design recommendation for rollout.