The challenge

There was a clear business need for Sanofi Pasteur to find an innovative and culturally relevant way to differentiate its new product offering in a crowded market. The goal was to help find a truly ownable, yet customer-focused positioning that would resonate across many markets and customer types.

Given the lack of both brand and product differentiation in the market, Hall & Partners knew that a traditional research approach would garner muted responses – "they are all the same; I use the cheapest".

We therefore had to rethink how we tackled this problem and demonstrate the value of shifting from a product-focused ‘rational’ sell, to a more ‘non-rational’ customer-centric approach. Our objective was to produce unique positioning ideas that could cut through.

What we did

Hall & Partners Health was chosen to partner with Sanofi Pasteur for two key reasons: expertise in branding and innovative methodology.