O2: Don't tell anyone... Apple is launching another iPhone!

ABA Market Research and O2


The eagerly anticipated iPhone launch will see one of the most fiercely fought retail battles, with £1bn worth of phone contracts up for grabs. The window for winning is short and intense, exacerbated by the fact retailers are kept as much in the dark about the launch as their customers.

O2 is the market leader in iPhone contracts but recognises it's harder to stand out in an increasingly competitive arena. Believing it should use deep customer understanding to gain an advantage in a sector where differentiation is low, O2 appointed ABA to lead research aimed at ensuring they emerged victorious.

ABA focused on integrating customer insight with business, brand, competitive and Apple intelligence to create a winning strategy. Multi-method research was combined with collaborative ideation and scenario planning workshops with 27 cross-functional stakeholders. The project's success can be attributed to the fact each stage built on learnings from the previous one – culminating in a compelling end result.