At Newsworks we have lots of evidence about the impact of newsbrands and how they deliver engaged, attentive readers. We have many individual case studies to prove their effectiveness. We know that newsbrands are used by 80+% of winning IPA Effectiveness cases. However, in recent times advertising investment in print has declined at a faster rate than decreases in circulation, while digital revenues have not made up the shortfall. This perhaps stems from the view that print isn't sexy, or that newsbrands are no longer relevant, read by 'other people', (albeit 47 million of them each month, according to NRS PADD).


Our mission was to deliver definitive proof on a large scale of the brand impact and return on investment that newsbrands deliver within multi-media campaigns.

We wanted to avoid a single medium approach – "my ROI is bigger than your ROI". We strongly believe that this can be misleading and unhelpful, confusing efficiency with effectiveness.

What we did