Every 36 hours someone will choose to end their life on Britain's railways.

Each incident is a tragedy: the impact on friends and families immeasurable. Unsuspecting witnesses, bystanders and communities are traumatised. 10 railway staff will also be affected. Many of these will need extended periods of counselling and care. Some will never return to work.

Sadly, after a period of decline, the trend in suicides on the railway in Britain is rising. In 2010, the rail industry created a suicide prevention team charged with reducing the number of 'actual and attempted' suicides on the network, and the trauma and disruption they cause. Today, Britain's rail industry is considered a world leader in the field. Yet suicide on Britain's railways is far from 'solved'. The overall trend remains stubbornly up, and there are growing fears that existing thinking and prevention methods might only take suicides to a 'floor', reducing numbers to a certain level, but unable to go beyond.