A new model of advertising

The Nationwide Voices campaign is not like other advertising campaigns. They have put more than a dozen ads on TV in the first five months of the campaign (even more on social media). Each ad is 90% poem and 10% marketing message. The poems are the poets own words (ie performed and written by a real poet not the advertising agency) about a subject that is important to the poet ('motherhood' or '70s nostalgia') rather than a marketing message that is important to Nationwide.

Any one of these points would mark this campaign out as different - put all together it is an entirely new approach to advertising.

This is an important case study because it reflects the industry movement away from traditional approaches of crafting a single ad over a long period, to a more content led approach of putting out lots of ads in a short space of time through multiple channels e.g. Nike Two Hour Marathon.

But the truth is that the ad industry is struggling to change - the magnetic pull of the traditional model is strong. This case study shows that research can play a key role in helping advertisers to reach the future rather than being an impediment and stubbornly holding on to old ways of thinking and researching.