At Sign Salad, we have undertaken a considerable amount of investigation into media, encompassing broadcast, traditional print, and increasingly digital platforms. As digital culture becomes increasingly central to consumers' lives, established media brands face a number of challenges – how can brands traditionally centred around a print proposition evolve and remain relevant in the digital age? How can a media brand that has previously served local audiences adapt to serve both local and national audiences simultaneously? These are questions we have addressed in collaboration with our clients at Johnston Press.

Sign Salad is a semiotics and cultural insight agency. Semiotics has long been involved in the analysis of culture, providing an 'outside-in' approach to understanding brand activities on the basis that brands do not exist in a vacuum – they are part of a wider cultural world. In other words, a brand's meaning, is created and interpreted in the context of other brands, other branded communications and other cultural phenomena – such as art, music, TV and other media.