Most people have quite a functional relationship with IKEA – we shop there when we move home, when we need something basic, and when we don't have a lot of money to spend. But when you think about home you think about your family, your partner, your pets, your friends. The objects you love and the spaces you have created. Maybe home could be better than it currently is. IKEA are obsessed with life at home and how they can make it better. They constantly dig deep into that question, and why – since 2014 – they have produced a Life at Home Report.

Together, we conducted the international research and created IKEA's Life at Home Report in 2017. We wanted to understand people's hopes, fears, needs and dreams of Life at Home and compile a piece of thought leadership that would get the world talking.

IKEA wanted to go further than ever before. Over the course of six months, we used an ambitious, new mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We journeyed across the globe and spent 874 hours exploring people's lives in order to understand what makes a better life at home. We did this whilst the global communications team at IKEA developed a strategy that would bring to life the global insights and trends, as well as finding local nuances across our 7 core markets, and conclusively our additional 15 markets for quantitative validation.