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Agency: System1 Group
Country: UK


First let's ask the obvious question. What IS a Fluent Device?

In a nutshell, Fluent Devices are repeated content that drives creative work across a series of ads. They can be characters, like the Geico Gecko or Comparethemarket's Meerkats. They can also be repeating scenarios, like Snickers' "You're Not You When Youre Hungry" or Specsavers' "Should Have Gone To Specsavers".

Fluent Devices go back to the dawn of modern advertising – poster campaigns from the turn of the 20th century feature recurring characters whose adventures are at the centre of creative executions. Some of the most famous British ads – like the Smash Martians or the Gold Blend Couple – and the most enduring US advertising icons, like Ronald McDonald, are Fluent Devices. We became interested in their effectiveness because they get to the heart of how we believe advertising and branding works.