Campaign details

Brand: Tesco
Agency: 2CV Research
Country: UK


The business issue

In the early 2010's Lidl and Aldi disrupted the value market, injecting quality cues and messaging to build trust, coupled with an enticing price proposition. Customer expectations shifted: value became a savvy consumer choice, rather than a compromise of price over quality.

Tesco for their part, had re-branded their value tier to Everyday Value (EDV) in 2014, but a stigma remained: product delivery was perceived to be poor by consumers, it failed to connect emotionally and was also eroding trust and quality perceptions in the Tesco masterbrand.

With Tesco losing share to Lidl and Aldi, there was a need to reinvent EDV from the ground up by raising quality perceptions whilst shifting away from a stigmatised compromise towards a savvy choice, thereby winning these shoppers back and reversing the decline in market share.