In 2015, Exterion Media were preparing to bid for the London Underground Estate, the world's largest Out-of-Home contract, spanning 8.5 years and worth over £1bn.

They called upon Bournemouth University and COG Research to create a first in research - the single largest study on the London Underground.

We needed to come up with an innovative and commercially valuable study, which could also be very informative for our partners Transport for London (TfL).

We used a mixed methodology to:

  • Show how travellers naturally engage with a range of ad formats
  • Provide metrics on exposure, attention and engagement
  • Understand how ads on the London Underground work at a conscious and unconscious level
  • Explore myths about the relative effect of ads in different parts of estate (e.g. corridors vs. cross-track)
  • Demonstrate benefits of digital formats versus our classic ad formats
  • Create a data driven sales story to sell the power of advertising on the London Underground