Don't ask questions, don't travel anywhere: How combining social listening research with search engine analytics is helping Braun understand its global consumer better

Guy White and Jeremy Hollow
Catalyx and Listen and Learn Research


Braun felt it was missing a big part of the insight picture on male grooming, but was finding it hard to ask the right consumer questions because it didn't know what it didn't know.

It was looking for new approaches to help it move away from getting "more of the same" surface level results from resource intensive country by country research. It was looking for an approach that could be applicable at a global level and that helps the brand develop new innovation and communication based on better consumer understanding.

To deliver research with a global potential, but which held each country's cultural keys at its heart, we combined a blend of social listening techniques and search engine trend analysis, to uncover and analyse thousands of online conversations and their level of influence in the USA and Japan – 2 key regions for Braun.