Campaign details

Brand: BT
Agency: Basis
Country: UK


Defend BT's premium position; retain customers. These goals were established at the outset of this challenging project.

To deliver, we agreed three key objectives that framed everything we did:

  1. Market-led: Drive retention, stay premium
  2. Customer-led: Make convergence tangible
  3. Internal: Lead with the customer, not the product

But if a 'network convergence'-led proposition was really going to solve BT's customer retention challenge, customer needs would have to drive the solution, not vice versa.

Zaid Al-Qassab, Chief Brand & Marketing Officer, BT Group, explains how this project broke the mould, and heralded a new way of thinking about product development at BT. "The BT Plus journey helped to kickstart our mission to put the customer at the heart of how we develop products and propositions. We worked from the outset with stakeholders to understand customer needs, and we brought those customers into the process directly, co-creating the product, proposition and the communication. This proved incredibly successful and has changed the way our teams use insight, with the customer built-in right at the start of the process".