The brief

Think of Baileys Irish Cream, and it may conjure up images of Christmas, perhaps of older relatives enjoying a glass or two after dinner.

The global Baileys team at Diageo wanted to leverage the value of this iconic brand by taking it beyond the niche sector of cream liqueurs and breaking into the broader category of 'Real Treats'. These are products to be savoured, triggered by a want, not a need. They include premium ice cream and cakes, chilled desserts, and fancy chocolates – as distinct from regular treats such as chocolate biscuits or Mr Kipling fondant fancies.

Although in place for the on trade, the Real Treats space was uncharted territory for Baileys in an off trade context. The brand needed to develop a compelling sell-in story to present to Diageo's retailer partners, showing how a new strategy and planned in-store execution would drive incremental growth, not just for Baileys, but for the whole Real Treats category. This is significant challenge given a Real Treat is a consumer driven emotional need not a physical category for shoppers to peruse in store.

Physical vs Mental Availability