A beginning

The email you've been waiting for suddenly pings into your inbox. You smile and, all of sudden, find yourself humming "I'm leaving, on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again". It's been a dream of yours to work in Hong Kong for years and now it's happening. Right. We're really doing it. Where to start. OK, Google… what do I need to know about moving abroad?

In another office, in another part of town, another email arrives. This one's titled: 'International growth strategy - planning meeting'. Someone else has a big challenge too. They know that healthcare systems around the world are massively different and that you can't just pack your assumptions and hope for the best. Working for AXA – Global Healthcare has taught them the importance of proper medical cover when you move abroad for work. A change in the way the business is structured created a new international division with an important mission, to improve awareness and growth in several key markets. But, there's a challenge. How do you build a compelling proposition for a hard to understand, transient audience that's not currently engaged with you?