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Agency: Future Thinking
Country: UK


Audience segmentation & beyond

For over 30 years, a leading arts venue has inspired people to discover and love the arts. In an age where the ways in which people consume art is changing, they have always looked to inspire and engage with new audiences to discover and love the arts.

However, people's expectations and frames of reference are rapidly evolving. They now face a complex web of conflicting pressures to be artistically progressive, commercially successful and functioning within complex funding and governance structures. Even though they have a dedicated customer base, their current customers are only a small fraction of their potential audience and tapping into this potential was key to achieving their vision.

Business issues:

To realise this vision, they needed to understand potential audiences, particularly those who are more reflective of London's diverse communities. The challenge was to understand the entire visitor experience, encompassing awareness, booking, engagement with formal and free programmes, and the use of various retail and catering offers and by doing so identify which audiences to prioritise, how to engage with them through tailored marketing activity and how to provide timely, relevant and memorable experiences to keep audiences coming back.