Campaign details

Brand: Asahi
Agency: Crowd DNA
Country: UK


The ambition for Asahi Super Dry

Asahi Super Dry (ASD) is Japan's #1 beer, with the ambitious goal of becoming the world's #1 super premium beer.

However, the brand is currently fragmented; at very different stages in different markets, with different positionings, campaigns and even different social media accounts. Although the Japanese provenance of ASD offers a significant point of difference, they wanted to find a single, authentic and globally compelling way of communicating it, which overcame predictable tropes and stereotypes and felt true to the extroverted nature of the brand. It required a vision of Japanese-ness of which Japanese stakeholders could feel proud and to which consumers outside of Japan would aspire.

Therefore, Asahi Super Dry commissioned global cultural insights and strategy consultancy, Crowd DNA, and, a new start-up leveraging AI and machine learning, to produce accelerated cultural insight and exploratory research. Together, they worked to find that sweet spot of authentic and aspirational for the ASD brand.