Campaign details

Brand: Yasmin
Lead agency: PHD China
Region: APAC


China has the highest abortion rate in the world: compared to the 16 million live births per year, there are 13 million abortions. Data indicate that over 50% of Chinese women have had more than one abortion, again the highest in the world.

Cultural taboos, the lack of sex education, the impact of the one-child policy and the restriction of maternity benefits to married women only means many Chinese women fall pregnant without pre-planning and their circumstances mean they have little choice but to abort their pregnancy.

Talking about sex in China is generally considered taboo. Parents don't display any intimacy in front of their children (even a welcome kiss is unheard of), and information regarding contraception is absent in school curricula. Due to this informational void, young Chinese seek out sex knowledge from their equally uniformed peers, or from Internet porn. As such, the general attitude to sex in China is immature and unsafe sex is prevalent.