Campaign details

Brand: Warner Bros. Entertainment
Lead Agency: Mirum Agency
Region: LATAM



The new Tomb Raider hit theaters as a reboot based on the latest Lara Croft games. Our goal was to attract the old school fans to watch the new movie. This audience knows well how Tomb Raider works, a franchise full of adventure, but mostly full of puzzles and mental games. Our challenge was to show that the film went far beyond a "conventional" adventure. In the Facebook fanpage of the new film it was possible to see a distrust of the fans. "It's just another adaptation of a game, it will not work." We wanted to show the authors of this type of comment that the movie featured classic elements of the games and could be fun. You just had to give one chance.

Target Audience

Fans of the Tomb Raider franchise who know the classic games very well and loved the modern direction of the new Lara Croft games. Also recent fans of the games, who did not follow the birth of the heroine in the first games and fell straight inside the world of Tomb Raider in the consoles of new generation. Another audience was fans of puzzles in general, people who like challenges and interact with this type of content on Facebook.

Creative Strategy