Campaign details

Brand: Wall's Sandwich Merah Putih
Lead Agency: Mindshare Indonesia
Region: Indonesia



Wall's is the number one leading ice cream brand in Indonesia. However, sales has been stagnant, especially for Wall's Sandwich due to a competitive market. They needed to increase sales and reposition the brand as a viable option for snack time. Currently, Wall's Sandwich is perceived to be part of a premium lifestyle. This misconception needed to change as preferred snacks like chocolate and chips are priced similarly to Wall's Sandwich. Consumers just need to do the switch to Wall's.

Wall's targeted young millennials 18-25 year-old. Based on market insight, this youth tend to have negative perception of Indonesia because majority of the news they encountered on social media were pessimistic and unfavorable. Wall's wanted to turn these negative sentiments into positive sentiments, and encourage a revival of nationalism in Indonesia.