Campaign details

Brand: Volkswagen
Lead Agency: Almap BBDO
Region: LATAM



Increase Drive to store through offer awareness promotion.

Target Audience

National, 18+, men and women, drivers. Waze reaches a qualified audience of 100% drivers while they're in their car. The expectation is to sell 2.2M cars per year. 1.9M Wazers are willing to buy a new car in the next year.

Creative Strategy

Pilot study: display for the first time ever an offer, instead a place/ store, through Search on Waze. This allows Waze a new possibility of different projects


First time ever, during nov/dec 17. This is a new way to use the platform, and its crucial to use other strategies combined, such as OOH and Social Media. The results are directly related to how much is invested in other media: is necessary to incentive the search behavior with hashtags.


Overall Campaign Execution