Campaign details

Brand: Vodafone Turkey
Agency: Mindshare
Region: EMEA



4.5G users have reached 60 million and data consumption has been increasing day by day. Based on this, Vodafone launched its new tariffs "Vodafone Pass" Those Pass tariffs aimed to respond to changing online consumer habits. Social pass, music pass, video pass and communicaiton pass were going to be new alternatives for users and we aimed to show those alternatives to the right audience.

Target Audience

We defined our target audience as heavy internet users; 25-45 was the age range for this campaign,

Creative Strategy

We designed a strategy to communicate the benefits of these packages and we made 4 different creatives for each Pass tariff. In an attempt to show most relevant creative to the right user, we analyse users past Foursquare check-in details and we showed the most suitable tariff to them with the micro sites we created.