Campaign details

Brand: VLIVE
Lead Agency: Havas Media Vietnam
Region: Vietnam



VLIVE is an entertainment platform that allows celebrities to make livestream videos and interact with fans. On the other hand, fans can also make virtual interactions to show love to their idols.


Strategic objective: Increase the number of active users and social buzz to become the top entertainment platform in the next 3 years.

Business problem:

  • VLIVE needs to recruit more fans, expanding the user pool especially from celebrities who are yet familiar with VLIVE,
  • VLIVE needs to keep them active and loyal on V App, measured by Monthly Active User index, specifically on mobile.
  • Measurements: Google Analytics and Buzzmetrics.

Specific Challenges:

VPOP fans are aware of VLIVE, but still associating VLIVE with the Hallyu wave (Korean culture). Besides, they are more familiar with YouTube and Zing Music Chart. With that, VLIVE’s biggest challenge is to bring more VPOP fans to VLIVE as well as keep them active on the platform.