Campaign details

Brand: VLIVE
Region: Vietnam



Being the first global live broadcasting app that connects fans and idols through exclusive live-streaming video contents, just after 2 years since 2016, VLive has made a strong foothold in Vietnam with 22 million users. Fans, especially true fans, have found this platform a place where they can “meet’’ their idols in real time, “live’’ with the emotions of their idols through the live-streaming and interact with them through “heart shooting’’ function.

However, fans only active when their idols are online or releasing new content, leading to a major holdback in Monthly Active User (MAU).

In order to tackle these issues, VLive introduces a whole new face with 4 updated features to increase the MAU from 3.5 million to 6 million in 2018:

  1. New Heart Shooting function: allows speedier heart shooting comparing to 2017 version.
  2. Chemi Beat: a way to track the interaction from both idols & fans with a chance to get rewards in return.
  3. V TODAY: a completely new section that feeds more than 200 articles/day with high exclusiveness.
  4. V HEARTBEAT: the first ever international standard music award in Vietnam teaming Korean & Vietnamese top idols.