Campaign details

Brand: Vivo Ads
Lead Agency: Young & Rubican
Region: LATAM



Vivo Ads is a mobile media platform with products that provides several marketing objectives. One of them is the Data Rewards Video, focused in generating branding KPIs such as brand awareness, favorability and top of mind. Currently, the digital advertising market suffers with the dominance of two platforms (Google and Facebook) that for years have been concentrating the largest funds of the advertisers. "The Vivo Ads Challenge" aimed to leverage the use of Vivo Ads platform by Brazilian agencies and advertisers, in front of traditional digital media, also of expanding its client portfolio and attracting new budgets.

Our main challenge was to develop a technology for the application of the brand lift method (the most respected research method in the world for measuring the effectiveness of media campaigns). To do so, this technology would need to be validated and aligned with the measurement rules of the two most respected market research institutes in the world, Millward Brown and GFK. Thus, a work was done with both institutes, to validate how could we make the brand lift research applicable in the mobile.

Target Audience