Campaign details

Brand: Vigor
Lead Agency: Ginga
Region: LATAM



The campaign objective was to successfully launch the new chocolate flakes greek yogurt flavours from Vigor Grego, by leveraging the launch, positioning product consumption beyond traditional moments (such as breakfast), maximizing media investment (low dispersion) and generating sales.

Target Audience

To launch and leverage the new chocolate flakes flavours from Vigor Grego we targeted not only greek yogurt consumers, but identified and explored (both creatively and strategically) consumption contexts that would have synergy with the product. The idea was not to only focus on moments of the day (which is traditionally explored in the industry), but on consumers interests and behaviours.

Geo-localization segmentation was also key, to avoid dispersion considering that the budget was tight, so we would need to focus on consumers who were near POS with a product distribution.

Creative Strategy