Campaign details

Brand: VideoMAX-Hooq and VIU
Lead Agency: NARRADA Communications
Region: Indonesia



VideoMax is the data package to be used by Telkomsel's customers to access video contents from providers such as HOOQ & VIU. To collect its first subscribers, Telkomsel need to spread the news & benefits of the data package that correlates with movie enthusiasts.

Target Audience

Those enthusiasts are vary from the young people aged 18 to adults.

Creative Strategy

It is often when watching a certain favorite movie you feel so attached with the dialogue or even its character, right? Have you ever dreaming become one of movie character & proving that you can also become like them?

What if you can test yourself to impersonate and follows the exact words from a famous movie title?


It is just like in a karaoke but instead of song lyrics, here you will be tested if you're a real movie fan!