Campaign details

Brand: Unilever
Lead Agency: Digitas Liquorice
Region: EMEA



Our strategic objective is to grow Unilever Market Share, by upskilling traders and growing their business, which additionally grows the core of Unilever's business.

This objective resulted in us creating the Top Sellers Mobile programme – a mobile-first programme that aims to completely change how big FMCG companies communicate with the very traders that sell their products.

To date, the way that FMCG Companies have communicated with Traders has been indirect, one-way, traditional, mass, non-personalised and there has been no guarantee that the communication has reached the Trader.

The most common executions of FMCG to Trader communications has been through Activation, Point-Of-Sale and Printed Posters / Flyers. This new Top Sellers Mobile Programme has completely reinvented the game, and increased the opportunity, as it enables traditional traders, cash and carry traders to upskill and educate themselves on Unilever products. As well as small business best practice, so that the traders can improve their business, sell more product, and by doing so, Unilever indirectly, sells more product through these now upskilled traders.