Campaign details

Brand: Unilever
Lead agency: Mindshare Thailand
Region: APAC



"What got us here will not take us there" is true to every marketer including one of the best in the business, Unilever. And to be the 1st brand in the mind of consumers, today data driven marketing at scale and speed is more important than ever. The goal was to understand consumer choices and preferences at scale, turn data into information & insights and personalize the brand communication to transform the way the product was traditionally sold to consumers.

Target Audience

"Today if no two consumers & consumer journeys are similar, why do we continue with "one size fits all" approach?" was one of the burning questions that kept us awake all night. While it may be an easier task for technology, banking or telco brand to establish a deeper meaningful connection with consumers by personalizing the offerings using big data combined with technology in a digital ecosystem, it is even more challenging in a low involvement category such as FMCGs with minimal to no differentiation between two competing brands. The question was; how can an age old giant consumer product company selling dish wash, detergent or shampoo mostly offline can possibly collect meaningful consumer data that can help us inform insights and strategies to grow brand penetration?