Campaign details

Brand: Unilever / Buavita
Lead Agency: Mindshare Indonesia
Region: Indonesia



Despite having a total of 14 flavors, one variant i.e. Buavita Guava contributes a huge chunk to the brand portfolio. Further, since 2017 guava flavor was declining in value which required the brand to strategically build a strong second line flavor to step up excitement and protect their stagnant share.

With double digit value growth in 2017, mango as Buavita 2nd biggest flavor had been growing significantly in the past few years. Buavita felt that by riding on the increasing trend of mango consumption and revamping their strategy on this variant there are benefits to be reaped.

After a successful Q1 resurrection of the guava variant during the rainy season, Buavita's challenge this year was build momentum for the Mango variant in a sustained manner.

It was decided to utilize Ramadan,the biggest festive moment in Indonesia. The key insight behind this was that when people break their fast, in the evening, they tend to crave for something refreshing, filling and nutritious. Also our TA are looking for new cool recipes to create delight for their families. Buavita saw this craving as an opportunity to build credentials for their mango flavor as a ready to drink suitable for breaking fast by suggesting recipes through a creative and engaging platform. Since the TA tend to kill time while waiting to break their fast by playing mobile games, gaming also increases by 30%. Buavita mango could potentially run a campaign on mobile game platform to deliver the refreshing recipes message.

Target Audience