Campaign details

Brand: Unilever / Cornetto
Lead Agency: Mindshare Indonesia
Region: APAC


Cornetto, the key growth driver for Wall's was challenged with rising competitive options and declining attention span of its teenage target audience. To combat this situation Cornetto decided to capitalize on the growing trend around Unicorn and launch it's variant Unicornetto to deepen engagement of the brand among fickle minded teens.

This teenage target group is very active online and spoilt for content choices making it difficult to grab their attention. The challenge was how to make Unicornetto stand out in the clutter and reach its target group in the most impactful manner. Driving engagement, top of mind and sales growth would be the key testing parameters of success.

Target Audience

The target audience were young university students (MF 18 – 22 y.o.) experiencing love and its anxieties for the first time. Love in today's hyper connected world can get complicated. Despite the many ways they could connect with their love interest like social media, chat, dating applications etc. it also meant a lot of second-guessing and decoding - what does the smiley face mean? How long should I wait until I reply? Thus, they looked for solutions and inspirations online.