Campaign details

Brand: Unilever
Lead Agency: Mindshare Indonesia
Region: Indonesia



Ramadan is like Christmas for Indonesian advertisers. Thanks to the annual Ramadan bonus, Indonesians are flush with disposable income and looking for the best deals.

This is a well known insight, which is why advertisers are in a frenzy during the early stages of Ramadan, jockeying for position in a consumer's finite attention span.

Unilever's corporate Ramadan campaign, 1001 Inspirasi Ramadan, has been a staple among Indonesians' browsing habits since its inception three years ago. Each year the campaign looks to push new its strategy with innovation, which paves the way for all Unilever brands for the upcoming year.

This year, 1001 Inspirasi Ramadan campaign objective was to increase brand recall and make the brands more relevant to customers during the busy Ramadan period. To do so, in such a competitive Ramadan season, Mindshare developed a new data-driven content strategy.