Campaign details

Brand: Unilever / Fair & Lovely
Lead Agency: Mindshare Indonesia
Region: Indonesia



Fair & Lovely wanted to engage non-category users, typically Females aged 15-25 from lower SEC and rural cities of Indonesia. While we could easily reach these users via TV and Dangdut TV Show, the objective was to go beyond 'reach' and drive 'engagement' against a background of limited digital access.

Target Audience

Rural markets constituted a significant growth opportunity for Fair & Lovely. For the brand to unlock this opportunity, it was imperative that it reached its communication to this large customer base in rural Indonesia.

For our potential customers, TV was still their main source of entertainment and within that, singing talent search show in dangdut (an authentic Indonesian music genre) was the most popular. It not only provided them with their favorite music entertainment but seeing a nobody become somebody inspired hopes and dreams within them. They idolized participants and looked up to them to learn and improve from.