Campaign details

Brand: Uber
Lead agency: R/GA Singapore
Region: APAC


Uber is an everyday utility that people become very comfortable using. Its simplicity and ease of use becomes so seamless in peoples' lives that the service can become taken for granted. When the superior features and reasons to use Uber are taken for granted, the 'reason to use' Uber also gets commoditized; which in turn reduces brand loyalty and frequency of use.

Our objective was simple. Remind people of the role of Uber in their lives and demonstrate how the superior service and value is not a commoditized utility, but a partnership that helps to improve their day-to-day lives.

Target audience

To achieve our objective, we went to the heart of South East Asia and selected the five key cities in the region: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila and Bangkok.

These cities are the cultural centers in the region, massively mobile-focused (around 85% of working adults), and with Uber having good market penetration in each of them. More importantly, these 5 cities all have the same prevailing issue - a high commoditized perception.

Creative strategy