Campaign details

Brand: Uber
Lead agency: Moringa Digital
Region: LATAM



The main objective was to showcase Uber as an excellent option for daily transportation, starting a behavior change to stimulate part of the general public to stop using their private cars. Our goal was to prove that using the Uber app is advantageous for many people in their everyday life, not only financially but emotionally. In Brazil, the acquisition of a personal car is considered a milestone. And there's a societal culture that views using transportation services, such as Uber, as an expensive luxury. Therefore, to demonstrate that using Uber is actually the best economical alternative for a lot of people, we had to highlight all that is involved in owning a vehicle. Adding all the expenses (gasoline, taxes, maintenance, insurance, etc.) we found an opportunity to corroborate our claims. We created a calculator that allows people to input their vehicle related data and figure out the cost of their car in their lives, comparing it to how much would Uber cost instead. The campaign also included a promotion: after using the calculator you received a promotion code to use on the Uber app, and every ride requested with the code would give you a new chance to win a year of free Uber rides. So to monitor the campaign we observed how the public interacted with the calculator and how many promotional codes were generated and used.

Target Audience