Campaign details

Brand: Turkcell Hello Hope App
Agency: Arena Media
Region: EMEA



Turkey's leading technology company Turkcell had the mission of easing lives of Syrian refugees via breakthrough innovations in technologies and product. The app 'Hello Hope' is a platform for Syrian refugees helping them to communicate in their daily lives. The app has instant translation, location search, teaching and many other features. The objective was to widen the usage of the app by both Syrians and Turkish people especially in Syrian-dense locations. Public awareness in key refugee- locations was needed for more downloads and active usage of the app. Turkcell aims to raise public awareness about this issue and tries to bring people on a common ground.

Target Audience

3.5 million Syrians live in different cities of Turkey, however the majority is in Gaziantep and its region (approximately 500,000). Therefore, we chose this region for the first phase implementation. Syria is the geographic neighbour of Turkey who has been fighting with political and economic instability and currently in a big war. Syrian people took refuge in Turkey under very difficult and tragic conditions. This also has been one of the hottest agendas of the world lately. The inclusion of 3.5 million refugees into Turkey's social and economic life is not easy and straightforward since Turkey's economic stability has also not been solid enough to easily embrace them. Moreover, negative and provoking news in the public from time to time wasn't helping this issue.