Campaign details

Brand: Turkcell BiP Messenger
Lead agency: 4PLAY Mobile Creative People
Region: EMEA



We should admit that the mobile world enabled lots of ways to have fun through it. However, mobile users' behaviors are changing day by day. Nowadays, it's an extreme challenge to make them download an app. They do not want to add anything on their mobile if they won't use it every day. That is why we aimed to entertain them in their daily life activities; while chatting. There are 52 million active users in messenger apps in Turkey. So we integrated a trivia chatbot; Kim 1 GB İster in one of the most downloaded messenger app in Turkey; Turkcell BiP. By doing so we also aimed to increase BiP's time engagement and sales. This was both opportunity and threat because even though it's in a messenger it was new for the user. We set our KPIs as; subscriber numbers, daily game start, and income.

Target Audience