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Brand: Turk Telekom
Agency: Turk Telekom
Region: APAC



A simple technology can change the disabled community's view of life. In 2018, Turk Telekom launched Eyesense for visually impaired customers. Visually impaired people will be able to take photos and selfies using their phone's front and back cameras with audible warning system for the first time in Turkey.

The service is available on the market for the clients, customers or end users in Turkey. The service can be easily applied all over the world. Every customer can use this technology, free-of-charge.

Turkey's leading information and communications technologies company Turk Telekom's new mobile app EyeSense allows users to take both photos and selfies by using front and back camera of the phone with the voice guidance.

Application aligns scene and helps users to take others' photos and own selfies easily. By tagging people who take photos, it is intended to let the visually impaired user know who photographed it on the screen.