Campaign details

Brand: Tuenti
Lead Agency: Wunderman BA
Region: LATAM


90% of Tuenti users are happy with the company, but we still couldn't connect with young women.

In spite of having the lowest price in the market, we had to carry out a branding action with a strong message that would position us among young people and highlight our brand concept: Tuenti is a different mobile phone. And we did it by breaking down stereotypes.

We grew up watching how princesses were saved by blue prince. We felt it was time to change this, empowering the young women. Today, girls and boys spend most of their time in videogames and that's why we thought of this medium to send a clear message to new generations and thus contribute our grain of sand and break down stereotypes.

We developed, a website where they could play, through 4 levels, without having to download an application or have a modern mobile device to enjoy the experience. This allowed us to create a database of potential customers, while generating engagement with our female target.