Campaign details

Brand: Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing
Lead Agency: Red Cherry Interactive
Region: EMEA



Tru-Cape, Red Cherry and BigBrave partnered to create a mobile game aimed at educating consumers about the process from planting to in-store purchase of apples and pears, in a fun and engaging manner.

As users progress through the stages of the game they learn about the various areas of fruit farming and the various varieties of apples and pears. Different characters popup with a message about the process or the product. Players can also earn Tru-Coins along the way as they grow and sell their fruit in the market place which also includes variables such as managing cargo transport, multiple pack-houses and a juicing plant.

This game amplifies the company's efforts to grab the attention of young minds away from junk food and confectionery brands, towards apples and pears as a natural product that is a healthy snack and recommended part of the daily diet.

Target Audience