Campaign details

Brand: The Coca-Cola Company / Frestea
Lead Agency: Mediacom
Region: Indonesia



Ready-to-drink (RTD) Tea is the biggest sub-category within beverages, second only to water. And FRESTEA's growth has been stagnant in the past 7 months before Ramadan. As Ramadan was the momentum for increased consumption on beverages for Indonesia, FRESTEA wanted to be in the mix.

However, FRESTEA has not been a well-known player in Ramadan where other brands has better and longer association with Ramadan. The challenge for FRESTEA this Ramadan was to become the most preferred beverage brand and increasing its brand love score to its highest level.

Target Audience

The main target for Frestea Ramadan campaign is 15-29 years old young adults in urban Indonesia. With this campaign, FRESTEA wanted to reach them at the most important moment during Ramadan where our TG's mind is ready to think about beverage after a full day of fasting. That moment is the "buka puasa", i.e. the breaking fast moment. This daily evening ritual is a moment to be cherished and the value placed on this occasion is not only related to the religious context, but also forms an innate part of families' social behavior. Every year during Ramadan, Food & Beverage advertising clutter rises by 19% and the ready-to-drink tea category contributes 11% to this clutter. Every manufacturer wants their brand to be part of the evening celebrations. FRESTEA has never been associated with the breaking fast occasion before so they needed to identify an approach that would resonate with its consumers, without jarring with the occasion.

Creative Strategy