Campaign details

Brand: Pepsodent Herbal
Lead Agency: Mindshare
Region: Indonesia



Pepsodent Herbal have an objective to get awareness during Ramadhan. The challenge is a lot of brand make a promotion during that period especially for FMCG product. Pepsodent Herbal should make a special campaign to attract their customers for facing this challenge. In Ramadhan there is only two moment that have a big part of the festive. There is on Sahur and Break fasting time. In Ramadhan season usually all brand will spam their advertising on that moment.

Pepsodent Herbal constantly supporting their customer to have fresh mouth every day. By looking for the opportunity of more gastric acid during fasting time and made mouth smells not good, Pepsodent Herbal wants to notice all Muslim in Indonesia to take care of their mouth breath on Sahur. The campaign is make the audience to brush their teeth after eating in Sahur. Because some people are lazy to wake up and skip Sahur.