Campaign details

Brand: Telekom Deutschland GmbH
Lead agency: DDB Group Germany
Region: EMEA



MagentaTV is the latest TV-entertainment product by Deutsche Telekom, Germany's biggest telecom provider. It brings together the whole world of entertainment on an innovative interface and revolutionizes TV-watching in Germany. In 2018, the service underwent a major relaunch to attract more potential customers and stay competitive in a rapidly growing market of entertainment services with internationally operating companies like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Besides the fact that the product is in general attractive for a larger group of consumers, particularly one objective and challenge was to create awareness within a more crucial target audience which is passionate about watching TV series but not exactly receptive to conventional advertising. Therefore, the main goal was not only to reach and educate this target audience, but more importantly engage with them through a format which was never used before in this way and prove the point with an entertainment format as revolutionary as MagentaTV.

Target Audience