Campaign details

Brand: Tanishq
Lead Agency: Ventes Avenues
Region: APAC



Augmented Reality is rapidly branching out into today's reality. From social media filters to full-fledged gesture-driven apps, AR has brought virtual and real together. And when it comes to retail, AR has made engagement more fascinating and personal over the years. Tanishq, one of India's leading jewellery brands, saw the advent of AR and wanted to give its consumers a never-seen-before experience. Never in history, you would have seen a brand in a similar space integrating augmented reality to experience the product. This was our chance to do something different and take the first-mover advantage. We saw how the AR industry was growing and wanted to reach out to women to showcase their new gold and diamond collection. The objective was very simple - introduce a futuristic buying mechanism that lets people experience Tanishq's gold and diamond collection and ensure there is an increase in brand recall.

Target Audience