Campaign details

Brand: Swiss International Air Lines
Lead Agency: Mindshare New York
Region: North America


Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is The Airline of Switzerland, serving globally over 100 destinations in 44 countries worldwide. But in the US, Americans either haven't heard of or don't know enough about SWISS and its values or products. How do you convince Americans to fly business class on an airline they've not heard of? Our goal was to show the unique SWISS experience, and raise brand awareness. Even those who had heard of SWISS were overlooking the airline in favor of keeping status and perks they enjoy with domestic carriers. We had to establish SWISS as a serious contender, and highlight its luxury status that its known for.

Target Audience

Research showed that those who have traveled business class previously are considerably more likely to book again. Our target audience was affluent and educated Americans who frequently travel. We targeted leisure and experienced travelers who are value and not price driven.

Creative Strategy