Campaign details

Brand: Sütaş
Agency: Alametifarika
Region: EMEA


Since the milk market is quite competitive because there are numerous brands and it is hard to stand out with a standard product like milk, the strongest way to increase market share of Sütaş milk and raise brand awareness would be creating an interactive campaign where consumers can contribute to the campaign via their mobile devices and social media.

Target audience

We tried to reach milk-lover young adults who are active on social media and enjoy singing.

Creative strategy

Our campaign had two phases: non-branded and branded phase. In the first phase we asked milk-lovers "How would  life be without milk?" without giving any brand name and tried to make consumers think only about the importance of milk. Meanwhile, we uploaded a song named "Sütsüz Olmaz" (Can't Do without Milk) to our website ( and to our Sütsüz Olmaz YouTube channel.

For the promotion, nine influencer mothers did karaoke with the song and shared their videos on social media with the hashtag #SütsüzOlmaz, requesting consumers to do the same thing because the best karaoke singers were given the opportunity to sing the song with the famous singer Fatma Turgut on a live stream. The second phase started when the song spread among consumers. We turned the non-branded song into a branded one by changing the lyrics to "Sütsüz olmaz" (Can't Do without Sütsüz) and kept proceeding with the campaign.