Campaign details

Brand: Suntory
Lead Agency: Mindshare South Africa
Region: EMEA



Our Strategic Objective was to drive awareness and increase sales of Lucozade energy drinks at participating forecourt restaurants.

Lucozade needed a digital solution to reward consumers at forecourts instantly. The problem was traditional forms of media and creative are restricted by their placement. In addition, traditional forms of entry although powerful and easy to use, lack in their ability to drive excitement during the entry process and have become stale in the market, these include USSD entries and scratch to win cards.

The brief was to make entry exciting, instant and enjoyable. We rose to the challenge by creating an entry mechanic that built instant brand recognition. Compared to an SMS, you could see and experience the vibrant colours and creative of Lucozade. The announcement of winning was far more engaging than a text. The result means high engagement rates and a greater feeling of joy when winning. Creatively this was essential. Previously competition winners would be announced via phone call, or SMS. Compare that experience to someone coming to your door with a huge cheque instead Traditional prize-winning announcements no longer tie in with the brand experience and are boring. Lucozade changed this perception.