Campaign details

Brand: Sunlight
Lead Agency: Mindshare
Region: Vietnam



Despite being the market leader in rest of Vietnam with 57% market share, Sunlight has always been a distant number 2, while a local brand is No.1 in the rural areas of Mekong Delta.

Sunlight has been trying to challenge No.1 position of this local brand for a few years.

The objective for Sunlight was:

  • To win over Mekong Rural Consumers from the local brand.
  • To reconnect with its audiences in a more exciting and relevant manner
Target Audience

Our target consumers are constantly busy with the household chores. Mobile phone is the only source of relaxation for them in between their busy schedule.

They consume various kind of entertainment content in their free time, however at the cost of data.

Mobile Phone penetration is as high as 82%. And, more than 75% use 3G to access online content.

Creative Strategy