Campaign details

Brand: Signal
Lead agency: Mindshare Turkey
Region: EMEA



Our objective was to increase brand awareness of Signal and tell customer the instant whitening claim which was proven by 7 global patents.

Target Audience

The whole "Her Şey Bi' Gülüşüne Bakar" campaign was aimed to target young Turkish Women. Since the coffee fortune telling is an important tradition especially on young Turkish women, the campaign and the project target audience is matched .

Creative Strategy

Kaave Falı (Coffee Fortune) is the most popular coffee fortune telling app in Turkey, users willing to learn their fortune, shoot their coffee cup and send it to app. Fortune tellers on the app tell the user's future and give recommendations about life, love, etc. Signal created a new fortune teller named Gülümser Abla ( Gülümser is a Turkish name which means "Smile") exclusively for the Kaave Falı app. Due to the nature of the app, users ending their daily fortune right were required to purchase extra credits to have their fortune looked after again. Gülümser Abla stepped in right here and said to the users, "You just need a smile" and asked the users to open their cameras and send a picture of a moment they were smiling. Gülümser Abla gave extra fortune credits to users who shared their photos. With push notifications sent to users, we have ensured that interest in Ayse Abla remains alive throughout the campaign. However, the project was supported by social media influencers who are suitable for the target audience and who have high reach.